Photo by Chris Mikami

Peter York - 


According to Peter, 'Acting is creative process, to achieve an honest believable exciting and entertaining performance. with the use Stanislavski, Meisner and Strasbourg techniques, I think it is possible to achieve this level of performance , though researching and exploration of character'.

Photo by James Deverell

James Arthur Daniels - 

Mystery Man

I'm an actor who wants to work, simple really. Comedy is my strong point but I can do menacing very well too, my physicality is also a major bonus not many actors are 6'5. I just want to work, simple as that.

Photo by Garnon Davies

Stephen Schreiber -

Old Man 

Stephen Schreiber was born in New York City, grew up in New England, attended Harvard University and then came to England to train as an actor at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He was in various productions around the UK, including several plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he played the part of Paris in Troilus and Cressida. His appearances include the part of Laurie in a BBC TV adaptation of Little Women and David Griggs in Oppenheimer with Sam Waterston and David Suchet.


Stephen is a member of the North American Actors Association.

Veronica Trickett - 


Veronica finds ease with direction and is happy to take on improv and scripted work alike. Her ability to convey charm and allure one moment, then switch to a comic quirky tomboy in an instant, is what adds unique appeal to her performances. This is only further enhanced by the sharp realism she portrays when adopting gritty and dramatic roles. As detailed in her resume, Veronica has also dedicated herself to film-making (directing, screen-writing, producing, editing). As such, she has a great understanding of film production and draws from this knowledge for screen acting.


Spotlight: Bases: London, Brighton, Northampton. Acting age: 20-30.




Aimee Hislop - 


Aimee specialises in comedy, physical theatre, character roles and improvisational work.
Strong singer with D belt.

- Vamos Theatre Full Mask Course for Performers with Artistic Director Rachael Savage
- Vocal Workout with Artistic Director Mary King at the Royal Academy of Music
- Ballet and Jazz Workshop with Wayne Sleep

Spotlight Profile:

Victor Klein - 


Graduate from La Troupe de l'Université de Montréal 2013.

Originally from Paris, I have lived, trained and performed in France, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Pamela Flanagan - 


Quirky Irish character actress.